Taymara Projects

Learning about places in and around the Tay

Taymara has two projects for children and young people with serious chronic illnesses or disabilities and their families. These are Tay Seekers – Taymara Heritage Experience, which introduces children to the heritage assets in and around the Tay, and Tay’gether – Improving Lives, which examines contemporary developments in and around the Tay.

Normally children and young people are taken out for river trips on the Tay, from where they can identify significant environmental features, whether living, natural or built. They then go on to study these from shore based tours, developing an increasing understanding of their surroundings by means of learning from project leaders and discussing with fellow students.

During the lockdown due to Covid 19, however, Taymara is unable to conduct either seaborne or land-based tours. We are therefore seeking to develop virtual resources, which will help existing or prospective participants to engage with their surroundings as against such time that we are able to re-introduce visits to the study locations.

The blog, a resource in itself but also linked to other resources, is just one means of achieving this end. Others will be notified once they are available. The following topics are already on the web.