Information for children and families travelling with Taymara

We at Taymara fully understand that the thought of going to sea, perhaps for the first time, on one of our boats may be ever so slightly scary. This booklet, designed in particular for children and families dealing with severe chronic illness or disability, may help to put you at your ease. In addition to what is set out in the booklet, you may wish to consider the following points:

Download the booklet here


1. Take careful note of the departure point and the precise time of departure.

2. Dress warmly, take a waterproof jacket with you and wear ‘sensible’ shoes.

3. Print and bring this booklet with you – plus a pen!

4. Please arrive at the departure point 15 minutes or more before the scheduled sailing.

  • 5. Stay well back from the boat until you are called forward by a member of the crew.
  • 6. Listen carefully to the crew briefing as it well help to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the trip.
  • 7. Move carefully around the boat – children with accompanying adult – and hold on to rails so that you don’t fall over.
  • 8. Do not run or lean over rails (the wood or wire or netting ‘fence’ at the side of the boat).
  • 9. If using a camera make sure the strap is around your neck. Keep a tight hold of smart phones.
  • 10. A fast exposure is needed to get good shots of the dolphins, and movie clips are usually far better on phones.
  • 11. Ask anything you like. The crew members enjoy answering your questions.
  • 12. Please be seated when the boat comes back into harbour.
  • 13. Children must carry on wearing their lifejackets until they are safely back on shore.
  • 14. Above all – enjoy your trip and have tremendous fun!

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