Tay Seekers – Taymara Heritage Experience

Heritage on and around the Tay

The Tay Seekers project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, will support young people whose curiosity about the wealth of heritage assets in and around the River Tay has been primed by respite river trips provided by Taymara’s Time for Life project, run for children stressed and otherwise affected by severe ill health. Tay Seekers – Taymara Heritage Experience will convert children’s curiosity into learning about the extent and detail of heritage along the Tay, extending the initial detail they glean from river trips.  The project will target 60 children, in groups of up to 30 children each year for two years. Each year group will study the heritage of a different geography linked to the river. Each year group will further divide into three teams, 10 focusing on maritime, 10 on built and 10 on environmental heritage within that year’s geographical boundary. The teams will be supported by experts in the three themes of maritime, built and environmental heritage, by our staff and volunteers and by those who manage specific heritage assets and data. While each team will concentrate on its own theme, the teams will come together quarterly to share what they have learned.

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