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Ill Health and Disability Themes

Tay Seekers - Heritage Experience

  • Support young people

    Youngsters with illness or disability sail through the river's heritage

  • Convert curiosity

    Exploring and examining the river's past

  • The Tay, our heritage

    Supported by experienced experts. Come and learn something new from this heritage treasure trove

Time for Life!

  • Providing experiences

    Introduction to the Tay for young people with illness or disability

  • Learning and fun

    Learn more through Tay Seekers and Tay'gether

  • Channel information

    The Tay is home to a major port, a wealth of assets and is an amazing natural history resource

Tay'gether - Improving Lives

  • Learning experiences

    Young people with chronic illness or disability experience the river

  • Educating children

    Unlock the secrets of Scotland's largest river and its present day surroundings

  • The Tay today

    The Tay is home to a major port and many small harbours. Find out how they help to shape our lives today

Social Justice and Heritage Themes

Sunlit Wake

Volunteer Instructors

This targets prisoners from SPS Castle Huntly (Scotland's only open prison which is seven miles from our base). We provide training to take them through three internationally recognised maritime qualifications plus a basic diesel engine maintenance course, then provide volunteering roles for successful participants. For the duration of their sentence they assist Taymara's training team as volunteers, supporting us in managing the development of their peers, both in practical work with us and academic support to their peers in the prison. We then select a group whose credentials we seek to upgrade in order that they may become qualified instructors. On release all participants will become part of our Sea Change - Ex Offenders programme where we aim to help them find suitable volunteering opportunities.


North Carr Lightship

Taymara’s NC100 Project is focused on restoring the National Historic Ship “North Carr”, the last lightship ever based in Scotland. Supported by a growing group of multi-disciplined volunteers, the Project will focus on restoring the vessel to her former glory whilst integrating new facilities for the Taymara Projects Teams and local groups within the vessel. Working in conjunction with a number of Groups across Scotland, the Team hopes to secure a berth alongside HMS Unicorn in the dry dock to the east of Victoria Harbour in Dundee.

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