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Ill Health, Disability & Social Justice

Ship to Shore

  • For young carers

    Youngsters who care for others learn all about the River Tay and its surrounds

  • Respite and renewal

    Summer boat trips as short breaks for carers and cared for

  • Ongoing action

    A yearlong accredited programme for young carers

Prisons Project

  • For prisoners

    People close to release and looking for new directions in their lives

  • Learning and the sea

    Providing maritime qualifications and recreational activity

  • Further progress

    Towards employment and volunteering

Coming soon another great project

  • Learning experiences

    Young people with chronic illness or disability experience the river

  • Educating children

    Unlock the secrets of Scotland's largest river and its present day surroundings

  • The Tay today

    The Tay is home to a major port and many small harbours. Find out how they help to shape our lives today


North Carr Lightship

Taymara has very reluctantly taken the decision that there is no other option but to deconstruct the North Carr lightvessel. The charity has over the past decade spent a great deal of money, volunteer time and effort in an attempt to maintain the ship and to find a solution for its long-term preservation. Unfortunately, a unique set of circumstances has resulted in an inability to determine a means whereby she might be fully restored. Over the past five years it has become apparent that the hull has suffered a significant level of decay. There has been a number of damaging leaks which we have duly pumped out, and perforations in the hull have been repaired by our volunteers using cement boxes and other means. Unfortunately, it has come to the time when no more can be done and there is a danger that the proliferation of leaks will become unsustainable - with potentially dire consequences. In the absence of any external intervention that might be forthcoming, the only solution available to Taymara at present is to rescue every movable artefact and ultimately to remove the hull from Victoria Dock. This is a very sad time for our members, who have a tremendous affection for the iconic vessel and who have worked tirelessly to try and ensure that she might have a future. Regrettably, given the state of the vessel, there is no other way forward.

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