We are proud of our projects and keep an archive of all our work. Below are our active and past projects. Check them out!

Active Projects

Tay Seekers

  • Support young people

    Aimed at young people experiencing chronic illness

  • Convert curiosity

    An introduction to heritage on and around the Tay

  • The Tay, our heritage

    They will be led and supported by experienced experts. Come and learn something new from this treasure trove of heritage.

Time for Life!

  • Providing experiences

    Unique experiences for young people with chronic illness

  • Educating children

    Unlock the secrets of Scotland's greatest river

  • A heritage asset

    The Tay is home to a major port, a wealth of heritage assets and is an amazing natural history resource with seabirds, seals and dolphins.

Tay'gether...Improving Lives

  • Providing experiences

    More stimulating experiences for young people with chronic illness

  • Educating children

    Unlock the secrets of Scotland's largest river and its present day surroundings

  • The Tay today

    The Tay is home to the major port of Dundee and many smaller harbours. Find out how they help to shape our lives today.

Past Projects

Creative Breaks

The hectic season in 2015, from May until October, saw us monitor over 300 carers and their cared-for out on the river.
Passengers were treated firstly to a lesson in boat driving at Victoria Dock, Dundee. Passengers later learned how to tie knots correctly and received a tour of the North Car Lightship. Passengers were then taken to the River Tay to ride the Badger and try to locate some of the many doplhins in the river.

This project was funded by Shared Care Scotland.

Young Start

Young Start trained prisoners aged 20-24 in vocational and transferable skills which enhanced CVs thus improving their chances of gaining employment. The qualifications provided the prisoners with the opportunity to take up paid work on safety boats and other commercial vessels once they have left prison. Forty-four prisoners from Castle Huntly were trained to a high standard where they achieved three internationally recognised qualifications.

Operated until the end of 2017 - Resourced by the Big Lottery Fund

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