Hello, my name is Connor!

I first joined Taymara in 2014 whilst I was still at high school. Over the course of my studies, I gained valuable experience in a whole range of subjects relating to vessel maintenance, boat handling and about the local environment and ecology.

Volunteering with Taymara allowed me to gain much sought-after experience relating to working at sea, and subsequently several maritime based qualifications and certificates which allowed me to act as qualified-crew within the organisation.

The combination of voluntary experience, which Taymara offered me, and academia spearheaded my career into the Merchant Navy. I am now serving as a third officer on oil-product tankers operating in the Caribbean.

I continue to work with Taymara when I am on leave. Working at sea and coming back to the organisation has allowed me to transfer numerous pieces of knowledge and skills between the two and help to further improve and bolster what is on offer.

It is always a great pleasure to see our clients and passengers enjoying themselves and taking full advantage of what we have to offer- without their interest or contribution, we would not be able to make memorable experiences and days out on the water possible!