Taymara and the crew of Badger are glad to assist research student Chika Edeh from St Andrews University with his ongoing work focused on the River Tay

Earth and Environmental Sciences department of St Andrews University
Preparing equipment in Badgers wheelhouse



navigating around Newburgh. River Tay
Numerous sandbanks and narrow channels make navigating around Newburgh a precise exercise


In Chika’s own words –
“My name is Chikodili Edeh-(Chika) and I am a second year PhD candidate with the Earth and Environmental Sciences department of St Andrews University. My research study is on the Tay Estuary. “


Sorting out ropes and tackle
Sorting out ropes and tackle – Chika and Tony


“Estuaries usually serve as transfer pathways for dissolved particulate materials moving from continent to the marine system through rivers . Several physical, and geochemical dynamics are involved in the process of estuarine carbon dioxide movements within the system. This study aims to address knowledge gaps identified with regards to the mechanisms of carbon dioxide escape from within the Tay estuary. To study these I would be carrying out some measurements and tests on the estuary and surrounding marshes as follows: a) direct measurements for carbon dioxide escape using a floating device and also by installation and monitoring of an Eddie covariance tower; b) water sampling and analysis for relevant geochemical information; and c) use of an acoustic doubler current profiler (ADCP) to assess any correlation or influence of water currents on the rate and volume of carbon dioxide escape from the system. “


Ready to go overboard.The equipment....not Chika
Ready to go overboard.


“My supervisors- Dr Ruth Robinson, and Dr Tim Hill, and myself are very grateful for the involvement of the Tay Marine Action Group. Taymara, through Bob Richmond and the crew at the Badger are providing a most essential support with the Badger which enables me to be out on the Tay at least once a month over the period of this study. I expect to conclude within 24 months.”





Chika Edeh, Earth and Environmental Sciences department, St Andrews University
Chika Edeh









Badger's crew this day
Badger’s crew this day